Infoland Speaks About Zvirt and Termit

20 February 20

Infoland joined Import Substitution 2020: Real-life Cases conference held by TAdviser on February 19, 2020, in Moscow. Mikhail Orlovsky, Product Owner, told the conference attendees about the company’s solution advantages, successful implementations, and development plans for 2020.

Zvirt is a virtualization environment management system of Russian origin, meeting the key criteria of the national import substitution program. The platform helps manage various virtualization objects, from separate machines to dozens and hundreds of servers connected into clusters, via a single console. In addition, Zvirt is certified by the Russian Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC).

Termit, a tool for remote access to virtual desktop infrastructure, supports all Russian operating systems, thus ensuring uninterrupted operation of geographically distributed Russian companies.

Both products have proven to be effective for businesses and government agencies.

“Customers have shown keen interest in our solutions. More and more companies and government offices test software products of Russian origin in their infrastructures, while studying the market in search of solutions being best-fit for integration into their IT landscape. However, when it comes to virtualization and VDI, it is still foreign vendors that mainly shape user experience. Our goal is to meet every possible customer expectation by providing comprehensive and functional domestic solutions,” said Mikhail Orlovsky, Product Owner, Infoland.

The Import Substitution 2020: Real-life Cases conference held by TAdviser brings together representatives of large Russian companies, industrial and public associations, as well as federal executive authorities, for the third straight year.

About Infoland

Infoland has been a developer and exclusive distributor of its proprietary products Zvirt and Termit for over 14 years, while also cooperating with major hardware, software, office appliance, cabling and electric equipment vendors.