Infoland Discusses Import Substitution in Infrastructure

17 February 20

Infoland joined the first meeting of INFRANEXT, a private infrastructure club, held in Moscow and supported by Jet Infosystems. IT professionals from both large businesses and IT companies discussed DBMS, data storage systems, and virtualization technologies of Russian origin. The club also welcomed other Russian developers, each presenting their own product and sharing relevant implementation experience.

Import substitution for DBMS, data storage systems, and server virtualization were high on the agenda. Club members included not only fully or partially government -owned organizations obliged to adopt domestic products, but also companies considering substitution of foreign solutions as a way to reduce IT costs. The meeting also discussed the support for open source solutions in general, and substitutes in particular. Many attendees wanted to know how to properly arrange support for solutions deployed in production environment, since continuous availability is a must there.

“The import substitution policy implemented stepwise allowed Russian developers to acquire the necessary competences and streamline business processes, so that newly developed comprehensive and functional products could compete with more expensive solutions from foreign vendors. The fact that the representatives of private businesses are here now and really interested looks very reassuring,” said Mikhail Orlovsky, Product Owner, Infoland.

An open and friendly networking session of club members and guests concluded the meeting.

“We hope our regular events will bring together peers to share experience, while providing IT infrastructure managers and CIOs of large companies with industry-specific insights,” said INFRANEXT CLUB organizers.

INFRANEXT CLUB is a community of CIOs, IT infrastructure managers, and chief IT architects from large Russian companies, where IT infrastructure issues are discussed at private meetings.

The club meets every month. The next events will address the pitfalls of IT infrastructure monitoring, cloud migration problems, and secured VDI.

To become an INFRANEXT club member, obtain an invitation from organizers or send a request at

About Infoland

Infoland has been a developer and exclusive distributor of its proprietary products Zvirt and Termit for over 14 years, while also cooperating with major hardware, software, office appliance, cabling and electric equipment vendors.