Electromechanical systems

About soultion

Technological air conditioning systems for data centers

We are long-standing experts in the creation of engineering infrastructures for data centers and we install efficient precision air conditioning systems and new-generation solutions, using green technologies and natural cold. Technological air conditioning systems reduce energy consumption and provide optimal thermal mode for data center equipment.

Air conditioning

Chiller/fancoil air conditioning systems, semi-industrial split systems, multi-zonal (VRF/VRV) or central conditioning units ensure comfortable microclimate for people or proper conditions for equipment or technological processes – both in small offices and at large enterprises.

Cold supply

Industrial air conditioners and cooling machines precisely maintain required temperature, irrespective of internal and external factors.


Indoor ventilation solutions, including energy-efficient technologies (rotary or fin waste heat exchangers using exhaust air heat) help optimize energy consumption of climate control systems.

Dispatch control

All climate control systems aggregated into a single cohesive automated network are used for centralized control and development of action scenarios for various situations, thus reducing OPEX. System parameters can be controlled remotely.