IT outsourcing

About soultion

To manage its own IT infrastructure and keep it up and running, a company needs to employ highly skilled IT specialists, which entails considerable expenses on workplace organization, advanced training courses, etc.
Outsourcing of standard functions is an alternative option, which allows businesses to easily forecast their expenses based on services actually consumed.

Comprehensive support and administration

IT outsourcing models may differ depending on specific business needs. The ability to combine various service options allows for the creation of unique offerings that best meet individual business capabilities and needs. IT outsourcing prices directly depend on individually selected service plans, with customers always knowing exactly what they are paying for.
No need in capital expenditure is the key benefit of this model.
In addition to our own services, we promote our partners’ flexible offers, such as HaaS in a commercial data center or cloud services.
Services are available to customers round the clock in any Russian city. Our work quality is evidenced by projects we have completed at Russian largest trade, banking, and financial organizations.
Individual IT functions, one or more IT services, or even entire IT processes can be outsourced. Outsourcing services can be provided both on-site and remotely (off-site). Customers can either use their own software, computing infrastructure, and telecom solutions, or rent them from an IT outsourcing provider as part of the service.
• Remote support
• Remote monitoring
• Service Desk
Both remote and on-site support are available depending on your needs.
We offer:
• 24/7 request processing
• Work performance during off-peak time periods (at night or on weekends)
• Processing of requests generated by automated monitoring tools
• Monitoring of system software log files
• System software updates