Low-current systems

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Physical security

To control facility access, protect the facility against physical intrusion, manage people and vehicle flows, and keep personnel database up-to-date, the following systems are used:
• Video surveillance
• Access control and management
• Security alarm system
• Perimeter monitoring
• Combating terroristic threats at facilities of any size

Fire protection

Fire protection solutions include automatic fire alarm, fire extinguishing, automatic fire-prevention, public address, and evacuation management systems. These systems comply with all regulations and meet facility architectural specifics. A fire public address system can be combined with an emergency public address system.

Facility management systems

Automated facility management solutions continuously monitor infrastructure and particularly engineering systems, such as: engineering structure monitoring and emergency management systems. A technology stack aggregates information about the operation of all engineering systems in a single dashboard and allows for the fast transmission of emergency information to relevant city or district emergency services.