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What we offer:

Custom software development and improvement

Improving means expanding legacy system functionality in line with customer needs. Agile software development helps:
• Create prototypes quickly
• Create software product to customer’s every need
• Reduce mid-course fine-tuning costs.
24/7 global customer support

Software Development Consulting

Software development consulting improves customer’s IT departments performance and optimizes business processes. Key customer benefits:
• Reduced development costs and faster time-to-market
• Improved app quality and development team output
• Flexible options: turnkey consulting or ad-hoc development problem solving

IT system performance optimization

Performance optimization services cover any IT systems, from business apps (ERP, CRM, BI, etc.) to mobile apps. Solution advantages:
• Improved IT system stability
• Less expensive maintenance
• Fewer costs caused by system malfunction
• Established base for business innovations
Optimization includes system audit, strategy development and adoption, and app performance monitoring system implementation.

Custom video analytics

In order to identify and track specific objects, actions, and parameters, the platform uses a built-in engine for online processing of parallel video streams by unique criteria. Smart video analytics is employed by:
• Industrial enterprises to ensure health and occupational safety, particularly to monitor whether employees wear personal protective gear or enter hazardous areas.
• Retailers to boost marketing efficiency, particularly to build heat maps of shopper routes, identify most-visited locations, monitor shelf occupancy, build shopper profile, etc.


Comprehensive solution for bringing services provided by government and commercial organizations into electronic format, from checking required documentation to advisory support at early implementation stages, including:
• Integration with the Public Services Portal
• Connection to the Unified Identification and Authentication System
• Inter-agency electronic interaction
• Inter-agency e-document management

Wearable Internet of Things

Developing software for wearable devices and positioning systems helps solve a diversity of industrial safety and performance improvement tasks. A software platform collects and analyzes data from all enterprise systems and wearable devices, such as hard hats and smart bands. At their workstations, dispatchers can see what is going on in a real time on a 3D enterprise model via a user-friendly interface.
The solution is designed to:
• Improve occupational safety
• Improve personnel management quality
• Prevent occupational injuries
The software platform helps:
• Check employee presence in hazardous or restricted areas
• Minimize vehicle collisions with each other and with people
• Register employee arrival, presence, and departure
• Receive alerts to work rule violations
• Receive alerts to employee fall or long immobility
• Locate employees instantly and precisely
• Send group and personal alerts on wearable devices automatically or manually from an operator’s workplace