Import substitution

About soultion

Import substitution means possibility to develop IT despite limitations, such as:
• Currency volatility
• Vendor restrictions on the use of dual-purpose technologies
• Threatened cessation of supply and support of foreign software products
• Western product non-meeting specific requirements of Russian business and rare updates
Import substitution services include auditing of existing IT system, detection of substitution areas, technology ranking and selection. As a result, a customer gets a detailed view of a current situation, problems and risks, and a plan for their elimination. Transition to open-source software and Russian information technologies is performed in an integrated manner, using all necessary testing methods to ensure system functionality: manual testing, automatic modular testing, automatic UI testing, load testing, integration testing, etc.
We offer solutions based on Russian and open source software and hardware by vendors from countries that do not join international sanctions. The service portfolio includes consulting, design, implementation, and integration of Huawei and Inspur hardware-and-software complexes, client equipment, servers, and data storage systems by Aquarius, DEPO Computers, YADRO, and Kraftway. Upon request, we can use products from other vendors.
Creation of a resilient and independent ICT infrastructure takes six months at least.
Under the software import substitution program, we use our own solutions:
• Termit, a Russian software to provide users with remote access to centralized business apps
• ZlVirt, a powerful, up-to-date, and secure virtualization management system
We support implemented systems on a 24×7х365 basis. Service packages include training in new products to make the transition to new systems easy and seamless for all users, from administrators to average employees. Further functionality enhancement shall be based on lessons learned and new solution capabilities in real-life environment.
Testing of equipment that is new to the Russian market helps understand its capabilities, identify shortcomings, and avoid many mistakes when installing on customer’s site.